10 Avengers End Game Memes that has the Internet Saying “Same!”

Marvel has finally released the last film franchise from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Cinemas and theaters have been knocking it out of the box since the 26th of April and the internet has been raving in every corner of social media. Posts and reaction videos, as well as spoilers have been circulating despite the Avengers’ actually warning people not to spoil the film for those who haven’t seen it yet. Below are some relatable memes on what being a Marvel fan is like anticipating Avengers: End Game coming out this past month.

10 Avengers: End Game Memes that Have the Internet Raving

Managing your expectations before seeing Avengers: End Game

A movie goer’s dilemma after every Marvel movie

Before and After Ironman

Millennials and their GOT viewing parties

The Babyboomer who won’t stop making corny jokes in the theater

That huge sigh of relief

When you work at Facebook and still not want to spoil your weekend plans

When the Hulk tried to contain himself for one good photo

The new kid on the block’s confidence

Trying to get through the month without seeing how Avengers: End Game ends

The Code of Silence

The internet has been a hard place to be in the last few weeks with various posts and content directed towards only one topic; Avengers: End Game. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube are filled with Avengers: End Game posts that’s an inevitable outcome from the final movie being released just last April 26th.

The Marvel universe has nothing but great storytelling and honoring lovable characters from the franchise in mind. With the last movie finally sealing the 10-year journey of the film, vowing the code of silence for those who haven’t seen the film is a must. Hope your weekend plans are spoiler-free, folks!

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10 Avengers End Game Memes that has the Internet Saying “Same!”
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