10 Memes on What Being Constantly Late is like

Sleeping in on weekdays is probably everyone’s a guilty pleasure, especially for people who are constantly late. Tardiness in everyday activities and events like at work or school is often frowned upon. In school, attendance is crucial to get a good grade while at work; tardiness can affect your salary. The following are relatable memes that describe what being late is like and what it’s like to deal with people who are always late.

10 Memes on Tardiness

We all have that late friend

That voice inside you that always overpowers your laziness

Changing people’s mentality about your tardiness

When just plainly moving becomes just an option

Bells program students to fear tardiness

When you’re actually that late employee at the office

A classic excuse for people who expect you to reach the bare minimum

Road rage becomes a habit

This classic lie of being “almost there”

Tardiness is Lame

The habit of being late is never good but in other situations, it is actually acceptable, for instance, parties. The need to be present in class or consistent in attendance at work is a definite challenge, but definitely one any tardy lad can fix with proper discipline and maybe a decent alarm clock.

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10 Memes on What Being Constantly Late is like
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