10 Memes that Describe Millennial Culture

There are many unfiltered opinions when people talk about millennials. Negative stereotypes of being lazy and complaining a lot are just some biased sentiments. Suffice it to say, many booming businesses in this ever-changing world is made into a better and more convenient way of living because of millennials.

Some of which include, social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, transportation tycoons like Uber and Grab among other developments helping to make the 21st century a more livable world.

Proving older generations like baby boomers wrong can be a challenge. Showing them that millennials have a lot to offer and have done more to revolutionize several industries. Below are some memes that for sure, millennials have encountered once or twice in this lifetime.

10 Memes Any Millennial Kid Can Relate To 100%

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When existing is hard enough…

When quarter life crisis strikes at noon in the office…

When baby boomers don’t accept their partial to blame

Baby boomers love to comment on this during family gatherings

Millennials made glamping “glamour camping” a thing; you’re welcome

When Instagram is easily influencing every millennial on the planet


When technology and the internet is basically like reading

When openness, respect, body positive and feminism is changing societal norms

When Facebook and Instagram helps you in affirming other through likes

The Me Me Me Generation?

Despite what many people say about Millennials and Gen Xers even, there’s still some good that they bring. Utilizing technology and the internet for big ventures in several industries like business, healthcare, entertainment, and education are signals of a brighter future. Even if millennials are used to being called selfish and apathetic, the progress of the 21st century begs to differ.

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10 Memes that Describe Millennial Culture
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