11 Memes that Describe the Perils of Monsoon Season

Living in a country or state where rain is constantly coming for you and people always expect to get wet out of nowhere, being prepared for monsoon season or thunderstorms is second nature. Places like London, Seattle, Bali, Taiwan, and Manila among many other cities and islands in the world are frequented by the rain.

Many people don’t exactly like the rain because of its gloomy and melancholic effect on people but it’s also a great time for cozy sweaters and cuddling at home with your significant other or even your pets! In the words of Adele’s song, who wants to be right as rain? Below are some memes that describe the struggles of the monsoon season.

Rainy Weather Struggles Everyone Can Relate to

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When the weather synchronizes with your music

When the drought made everyone do the “rain dance”

Any shelter will do when it rains to be honest

All sports teams training for a big game….

When the weather just seems like it’s screwing with you

When you thought a good lap on the pool would be a good idea…

Extroverts with a plan on a rainy day

The internet when the monsoon season starts

Rain, Rain Go Away

It’s never a pleasant experience when rain gets in the way of your plans. However, staying prepared and ready for whatever weather is always a good way to move forward in your day. Keep your umbrellas with you at all times if you live in a place that is frequented by monsoons. Prepare your sweaters and raincoats to stay dry this season folks!

11 Memes that Describe the Perils of Monsoon Season
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