12 Marvel Memes Only True Comic Fans Would Understand  

Superman and the Justice League may be one great comic book phenomenon but Marvel’s Avengers is a whole other story people seem to be gearing towards in this day and age. With its witty humor and comic relief, terrific action sequences, and family friendly themes, Marvel definitely has quite the fan base.

DC’s popularity and crowd-following are no different except for its darker, yet realistic approaches in its storylines and minimal comedy throughout the story and character development. The differences are debatable and have been tackled time and time again on the internet. Of course, memes are made to better explain its uniqueness; here are twelve hilarious and clever memes that only comic book readers will fully understand.

12 Marvel and DC Memes People Never Get Tired of

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When Grandma gets extra about knitting

When there were only two famous black guys in Hollywood

The irony…

When Thor’s superpower becomes a burden…

Quick Silver’s savage burn still stings even after his death in Avengers: Age of Ultron

Marvel superheroes had more interesting job descriptions than DC superheroes

The real reason they stopped getting along was Siri… nice one Apple

The mood when you enter a cinema full of Marvel movie watchers vs. DC moviegoers

When Thor is basically Barbie in another kind of universe

When all the Guardians have their special ways to annoy Rocket

The Incredibles disappeared for almost a decade and now we know why…

Tony Stark speaks for all Disney kids

Marvel vs. DC: What does it matter anyway?

With the rise of the superhero genre coming back to theaters and television, the storylines based on comic books are growing in popularity. Two distinct and popular superhero comics are DC and Marvel. The two have been arch rivals since the beginning of time and the rivalry doesn’t seem to simmer down in the twenty-first century. Memes speak for the rest of the internet and it is safe to say that, Marvel resonate more with the majority. Sorry DC!

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12 Marvel Memes Only True Comic Fans Would Understand  
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