12 Memes on What Coffee Addiction is Really Like

Those who frequent coffee shops and cafes have mastered the art of ordering the right cup of coffee on a busy workday morning. Whether you’re a black coffee type of person or double milk and creamer kind of lad, there’s definitely something for everyone who loved caffeine. Espresso, latte, cappuccino and even mocha have a sense of warm comfort that stays with coffee drinkers. The attachment to caffeine could be a problem once you start taking it more than just in the morning, not to mention, expensive. Nevertheless, the struggle is real and the attachment tends to stick. Below are some memes on what being a caffeine addict is like.

Coffee Addiction in 10 Relatable Memes

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Anyone on a Monday morning…

Your grouchy boss after you hand over their coffee…

The only reason to staying alive is caffeine

Imagining what life is like for those who voluntarily stopped drinking coffee

The reality most coffee drinkers won’t admit to

Top priority

When the last 3 in 1 coffee packet was taken by your shady co-worker

When the struggle is real

Energy shifts after a sip of caffeine

When thinking about coffee makes you sleepy

The Black coffee lovers who never fail to waver

What a morning and afternoon filled with meetings is like

Saying No to a Good Cup of Joe

Knowing when to stop drinking coffee can be a problem, I mean, how else are we supposed to function as early as 6 am in the morning? Cutting down on coffee is also another issue that may trigger the daily routines of people who live busy lives. A love for coffee is one that is driven by passion and the need for caffeine is triggered by an unhealthy bodily attachment, knowing the difference is the key to finding the balance.

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