13 Relatable Memes for Anyone Who’s Been Drunk and Wasted

A good night out may vary in terms of definition for various people. The need to stay in or go out usually means a glass of wine or a round of shots for the young introverts and extroverts of the present time. For those who love to go clubbing and bar hopping, a hard dagger into the throat comes in the form of Jack Daniels, Johnny Walker, and a hard round of tequila shots.

After a hard night of partying, we all have friends and family who find themselves in complete intoxication passed out on the floor and completely hung over the next day. Below are some hilarious yet very relevant memes on what being “shit faced” is really like for all of us with low alcohol tolerance.

Dank Memes on Drunk Memories

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The blood rush sets in

Basically anyone in their twenties right now

The one friend who has an unpaid bar tab

That one introverted friend who decided to come out of her house

Waiting for your late friends to pre-game before heading to the club

That one friend who starts talking gibberish 2 shots in

All single ladies after a breakup

The one friend who loves to host dinner parties but ends up passing out before it even started

Outdoor drinking has become your best friend’s new hobby

A Saturday night out

The drunkest the rest of the single pool is in a year

After-effects of bad decisions

That one co-worker who is a bad influence

Drink Party Sleep Repeat

Living the most out of our youth is often taken for granted and many young people forget to just let loose and have fun. There are others who only do the exact opposite, day drink and get wasted til dawn. There seems to be no in between, but responsibly drinking and having fun is the safe and sure way to “live young wild and free.”

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13 Relatable Memes for Anyone Who’s Been Drunk and Wasted
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