13 Toys You Wouldn’t Want Your Kids To Play With  

There are so many toys and gadgets that toy companies develop nowadays. Games like board games and gadgets are usually more popular among some older kids but for toddlers, several toy companies around the world produce tons of toys. From animated movie-themed toys to wacky themed stuffed toys, toys never stop being in demand.

The following are just a few of the worst toys ever sold to the public. Most of them probably don’t exist anymore or have stopped production but hopefully, this serves as a reminder to new parents.

13 of the Worst Toys Ever Invented

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When Spidey senses are tingling…

When weapons are more valuable than your arm…

This troll-like toy that could potentially traumatize a child

When was having a baby okay?

Teaching your kids how to stay distracted while peeing isn’t exactly the smartest approach

The way a kid could play with this could go wrong in so many ways…

When did toys start launching Nazi propaganda?

This could launch quite an interesting career for little girls

This is how you breed white supremacists, provide white kids with Hitler dolls.

Making a toy based on an iconic event that killed several people is not a good idea.

This is just border-line wrong…

Popeye or people?

How do you even explain this to kids?

Toy Story 101

Toys are fun to play with at a young age, but toys that have some weird subliminal message and look quite bizarre and questionable features should automatically be banned from your household full of kids. Treat your kids into some fun and progressive toys without jeopardizing the learning aspect of every toy or tool given to kids.

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13 Toys You Wouldn’t Want Your Kids To Play With  
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