15 Sportsbook Terms Beginners Should Know

Whether you’re newly identified as a gambler or just planning to enter the exciting world of sports betting, sportsbook has a lot of terms for you to know. Once you begin wagering on your favorite team or player, you would need to familiarize yourself with terms a real sports enthusiast should know. To get a full sportsbook experience, visit 188bet today from your desktop or mobile device.

15 Sports Betting Terms

1. Bookie or Book Maker (Odds Maker)

He is the one assigned by sportsbook anywhere – whether it’d be online or on land-based casinos – to provide odds for players to bet on.

2. Odds

This is what every bookmaker creates. These odds are the possible winning score of a game. These are offered to gamblers and are usually shown in different forms, such as American, Decimal, Malaysian, Indonesian, and even Canadian Odds. A simpler example of this is a Soccer game is about to happen, and your sportsbook offers a 55 over 52 win. This is the soccer’s possible score. The analysis of who could win relies on you.

3. Chalk

This term is used to call the strongest, dominant team in a game. Chalks are the crowd’s favorite and are usually the ones favored in a game.

4. Under Dog or Puppy

Not the actual cute animal—therefore the one who has the weakest tendency to win in a game. Usually, they are the ones making the whole game possible to watch, as gamblers wouldn’t know whether the “chalk” will rein its crown or be taken away by the Underdog.

5. Cover

This is a term used to identify a gambler beating the point spread by the required number of points. For example, if you win, you’ll be said that you have “covered the spread.” This only means that you had already got the nature of the game, and more likely can possibly predict well what would be the outcome of one.

6. Juice or Vig

This the commission sports book gets from players’ bet. It’s also called Vig or Vigorous, as the more bets are placed in a certain sports book, the more than a site is considered trusted.

7. Money Line

These are the odds presented in the form of money. They are usually shown with a (-) minus sign or (+) before the odds, meaning that you need to bet on that specific odds to stake or win a wager. For example,

8. Points Spread

This is the inferred score of each team in a game. Naturally, these points spread are offered and given by sports book. It is related to the book maker’s odds.

9. Totals

This is the combined equivalence of the two team’s score in a game. Example if you wager on a game’s total score to be 102 and it turns out to be lower than 102, you lose you your bet. If the scores rise up high after 102, you win back your original stake added to your winning wager.

There are two ways you could read a total:

  • Under– Below total score of two teams in a game.
  • Over– Over the combined total scores of two teams in a game

10. Prop Or Propositional Bet

If you are a follower of social current events or news, then you’d probably heard of this in sports gambling. Wagers from this bet can be allocated to a sporting event, politics and even famous people’s court defense. It’s a stretched out bet, using money line format of pay off odds to guess who can be the first scorer in for example a Soccer game.

11. Straight Bet

This is a one-time bet of a gambler only to one specific player in an individual game.

12. Straight Up

This is a team winning a game without any regards to the point spread of the game.

14. Push

This is the sports book’s term for a draw. The game has no declared winner or loser for wagering purposes. Scores of two teams combined didn’t meet the odds and total your sportsbook created. Your bets will be returned whenever a game is considered a “Push”.

15. Sharp

A term used to call professional gambler. You can be like that if you had become an expert in playing sports and gambling.

Familiarization may lead you to great profit gain

So far these are some of the most important sportsbook terms you should know when you’d like to start maneuvering your way to the active and exciting world of sports gambling. Once you familiarize yourself with such terms, the rest will fall into place with a proper strategy, instinct, and luck of course.

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15 Sportsbook Terms Beginners Should Know
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