4 Essential Moves to Get a Solid Blackjack Win

Blackjack is a casino game which has a goal of beating the dealer’s hand with a Blackjack (An ace and one of any face cards that` are worth 10) or simple the card value that is closest to 21. In order to do this, a player must know how to wisely do the game’s 4 essential actions: Hit, Stand, Double, and Split.

Unlike poker which gives you an option to fold when your hand isn’t possible to win—Blackjack gives you 4 ultimate actions that can let you beat the dealer and win. In this 188bet article, you’d learn the wisest way to bring them into action after you’ve been dealt with two first cards.

4 Blackjack Action Strategies

1. Hit


This is common Blackjack action you make when your card values are small to sum up to reach the 21 card goal and lack of the required Blackjack values (Ace and any Face Card worth 10). Upon clicking Hit on your live Blackjack game, you will be granted another card that will be added to your current hand value. After doing so, you are now able to see if your card is possible to beat the dealer by having the value close to 21 or not.

Tips on Clicking HIT

Don’t ever click the HIT if your card value is somewhere around 16-19. If you do so, there’s a high possibility that your hand is going to bust. The bust is a rule in the game in which you automatically lose when your hand exceeded the 21 value limit.

Also, calculate your card point first before clicking Hit. You must see first your current card value’s chances of going over the limit.

2. Stand


Click-Stand if you are already contented with your current card value. It simply means—that you are already brave and confident enough that you can beat the dealer with your card value. You can only take this action if your hand is near enough the 21 card goal.

A Tip on Clicking Stand

Never stand when your hand value is around 8 to 14. Preferable, you can stand when they are around 16-19, because as a rule of the thumb—they’re close to 21. Stand when you have any of the face value worth 10 (King, Jack, and Queen).

3. Blackjack Double or Double Down


This is the action you make when you want to double your original wager. In return for it, you will be granted another card from the deck. Usually, you can only double down if your hand is equal to 10 or 11. The purpose of this action is to possibly create a high hand – in case you will hit a 10 card value, and create a double profit in a round.

Tips on Doubling Down

Never double down when your card value is 11 and above (15, 16). The added card can possibly make your hand go bust. If your card value has a sum of 11 or below, it’s best to double down. The possibility of getting a 10 card value can give you the 21 total and win.

Double down when:

  • The dealer has a hand between 4,5,6 and you have a 10 card point,
  • If the dealer has 5 or 6 when you have a 9 card point.

4. Blackjack Split


This is the option you can do when you first received same cards. You can click the SPLIT button on your Live Blackjack game and your hand will be automatically be split into two. Your bets will be doubled once you split. The purpose of this action is to avoid being a bust, and making room for more actions such as HIT and STAND to bear the dealer.

Tip on Clicking Split

Always split when you have two aces. This will give you a strong hand. Also, split when you have two Eights. Two eights will result in 16, which is considered a weak hand. When faced with two aces or eights, always take the split option. This will enable you to gain a strong hand and avoid your card to go over the limit of 21.

Acing Blackjack at 188bet

Blackjack is a game that requires the player to wisely take action in every card given. Fortunately, with these 4 essential actions – you’ll know when to make a winning move when playing Blackjack. you need to transfer funds to 188bet blackjack to play. Have you tried playing blackjack from anywhere?

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4 Essential Moves to Get a Solid Blackjack Win
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