4 Blackjack Myths that will Help You Get an Edge Over the Dealer  

Blackjack is a popular game that many people are familiar with in live casinos and online casinos. Gamblers and table game fans can accumulate several wins even if it’s just right through their phones. The 188bet live casino is one of the best online game operators that provide its players with a variety of table games, card games, slot games, and arcade games among others.

Playing blackjack can only get you so far, winning the actual game is another story that requires a whole other strategy. It is definitely important to know the basic rules but it’s also vital to know what the myths are when playing blackjack. There are certain blackjack myths beginners tend to adhere to when playing blackjack online, so the list below will help you tell the difference between fact and myth.

4 Blackjack Myths to Beware of Before you play your Next Game

1. “10 in the Hole is the Way to Go”

This statement essentially means that the card facing down has the value of 10 which means it’s an automatic face card. Keep in mind that there are 16 cards in a 52 deck with an equivalent value of 10. This ultimately means that a card of 10 or a face card will appear at least once in every 3.25 cards revealed by the dealer.

2. “Progressive Betting is a Sure Way to Increase Your Chances of Winning”

It is common for people to believe that when adapting a progressive betting system, doubling the value of your bets along with every corresponding loss until you win is a must. What people have a hard time believing is that rigging the draws are next to impossible even if the dealer doesn’t let the players control their cards.

This is due to the fact that each blackjack hand is drawn completely at random and that nobody can basically foresee a win or a loss for the next round. Thus, progressive betting systems aren’t effective and can actually just jeopardize your strategy than improve it.

3. “The objective of Blackjack is to get as close as possible to 21”

The most popular myth about playing blackjack is the main goal of the game which is to get a hand closest to 21 before the dealer does. According to the fact, the likelihood of busting is much higher if you try to get a hand closest to 21, which aren’t the most effective and efficient way to win. The main objective of blackjack is to beat the dealer by getting a higher value or by not busting once the dealer does bust.

4. “You need to be good at math to master blackjack”

Beginners at table games tend to think that being good at math and numbers is a great advantage to winning the game. This may partly be true, but it is not 100% accurate since the rules of blackjack are not difficult to master in the process. Learning basic blackjack strategies just entails quite the practice and mastering betting patterns in the long run.

Play Your Cards Right and Blackjack Your Way into a Win

Blackjack is a table game that anyone and everyone can learn how to play. There is no need to be a pro at numbers or math to be able to master the game, all you need is practice and the ability to memorize basic rules. Remembering the common myths prior to placing your bets can help you avoid the most common mistakes people make when playing blackjack at 188bet. Don’t hesitate, make your move and play it smart at 188bet live casino!

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4 Blackjack Myths that will Help You Get an Edge Over the Dealer  
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