5 Live Baccarat Tricks to Learn When Betting on 188bet

You have registered an account, deposit money, and now you are ready for a real live casino action on your screen. You choose baccarat as your first game of the day, and you are aiming to win several rounds, should you wish to play the game seriously. The following are some useful tips you can use the help improve your game at baccarat.

Win Baccarat at 188bet Live Casino with these 5 tips

1. Play on a Baccarat Single Table with a Minimum Betting Requirements

188bet offers two baccarat game tables, multiple and single table games. If you want to earn some of your money back without losing a big one in a bet, you should settle with Baccarat game tables which require minimum betting amount.

This will enable you to proportionally balance your money without losing a big portion of it in one straight bet. Pick tables with 25 chips or lower bet requirement, as they would keep your balance filled with a fair maintaining amount.

Also, when playing Live Baccarat on 188bet—choose single table first; as multiple ones are designed for professional players. As much as possible—avoid them at all cost in your first few plays at the site.

2. Avoid Tie Bets

No matter how enticing Baccarat tables with 8 to 1 or 9 to 1 payouts can be, remember to avoid Tie Bets at all costs.This is the fastest way that you could lose your money, as Tie bets usually happen rarely about 9% of the time, and the odds of winning them are lower and your money is at stake for losing. Yes, you can bet on TIE on occasions, but bear in mind that the winning probability of winning on it is low, as it rarely happens in a single or multiple rounds.

3. Always Bet on the Banker

Although the Banker has the 5% commission each time you bet on it, you are sure that betting on it can earn you some good money back. Also, the Banker has a lower house edge compared to the Player, as Player owes you’re a 1.24% every time you bet on it and win. The Banker only has 1.06%, which makes your odds of winning back some pretty good amount of money favorable. Banker gives lower house edge, which means whenever it wins, you’ll only be deducted lower amount—so better stick on the Banker.

4. Choose Baccarat Tables with Lower Commissions

The 5% commission is the standard casino deduction when you bet on the banker, but at 188bet and even though other online casino sites that commission percent may vary depending on the tables and minimum bets required by a site.

Carefully read each table’s rules and regulations, most importantly its commission and join ones that hold lower commissions. This will give you more chances of winning some money back and enough glory to balance your funds.

5. Stick with a good Betting Strategy

Progressive bets are good to consider when playing Baccarat at live casinos. You’ll make your bets different as long as you’re winning. It’s the same with 1-3-2-4 betting, where you need to follow a betting order which tackles single units to triple ones then to double units. The strategies you must avoid are Martingale strategy, which lets you bet after you lose one round. That’s not recommendable.

Learn different betting strategies you could use when playing Baccarat in a Live Casino. Try these strategies in free trials at 188bet’s demo Baccarat games and see if any of them works for you then try it on the live casino once you are ready.

Superb Baccarat Gaming at 188bet

Playing at 188bet’s live casino should be properly planned and strategic, so you could earn back even half of your all-game bet. Just follow these tips and practice them over time, and who knows—you might be able to make it to multiple Baccarat table games.

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5 Live Baccarat Tricks to Learn When Betting on 188bet
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