5 Poker Strategies to Consider When Playing Live Casino Poker at 188bet

Mastering the nature of poker on a face to face casino compared to online ones on your computer like in 188bet. There are a lot of scenarios that might happen in a land-based Poker game than on Live Ones, but this shouldn’t stop you from winning money in playing the game.

5 Useful Poker Tips

1. Studying Poker Means Also Practicing

This is useful advice from a skilled Poker player Dough Polk when asked what should be the first thing to do when mastering the game. Granted, studying how the game work is good, but you can become the better player when you practice it on your own before going into a live Casino game.

One can have a change of mind when faced with the idea of a live Casino game. Practice the game on your own through several free demo Poker tables at some of the trusted Casino sites online and you will slowly sharpen with your Poker skills in no time.

2. Master one Poker variation at a time

Doug Polk does advise this one—you should know what Poker variation suits you the most and stick with that. By jumping from one Poker to another, with regards to the payout and the betting stake each one holds, you can just bid goodbye to your bankroll easily.

This simply means that when you like to win a few rounds of Poker, you need to choose which is the right game for your skill, proficiency in reading the outcome of a game, and definitely—your bankroll.

3. Bluff On an Early Street Show Up, Focus on the River

Bluffing is advisable to do when the flop comes around, and least when the river comes. However this is effective, experts say that you should focus more on the river, and bluff when the game is introducing the early street.

In order to have a balanced range of bet on the river, you should bluff less on each progressive street. This conclusion comes because your bluff will have a more fair play when the streets are on its earliest show-up. This will give you the opportunity to bluff again on the later street, and more all the while maintaining your bankroll.

4. Don’t Be Afraid to Fold, Skip Playing More Hands

Playing with more hands can lead you to lose more—contradicting the thought that the more hands you play, the more chance you’ll win. When you’re starting with a game on Live Casino Poker, you need to stick with a one hand gameplay. The sole reasons for this are:

  • It enables you to win in a single strategy
  • Balances your bankroll
  • Keeps your focus on one round at a time.

Also, don’t feel ashamed to fold. Professional players do fold more often compared to beginners—simply because they know if their hand had an edge to win or not. You should be, too. This is not an act of the weakest players—this is the act of those who knew how to stay longer in the game, well financially speaking.

5. Stick With a Consistent Strategy

As mentioned, Poker is a game of decision-making. Every time any of the river or the flop appears, you are going to need to take action by deciding how much and how sure you are with your stake money. In line with this, professional players do advise to stick with a consistent strategy.

This means that you have to play with one strategy that works the best for you. Either it’d be for betting, knowing when to fold your aces, knowing how to not attempt to comment on a current hand, as it will give your opponents an edge in the next round.  Simply put, you can master all these things with a lot of practice, with a strategy that works for you.

Apply Strategic Plays in Online Poker at 188bet

Playing poker can be a bit intimidating at first, but as you go through the basics, you’ll eventually learn little by little how to not give away the chances and to give away that holds back your chances of winning. Hopefully with these helpful tips, you already a heads-up as to what to do when you play again the famous poker game.

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5 Poker Strategies to Consider When Playing Live Casino Poker at 188bet
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