5 Sportsbook Odds to Use When Sports Betting Online

188bet offers 5 different odds you can place your bets on to at whoever sports that you desire. Before placing such bets, it is a must to know how each of these odds differs from each other.

5 Odds to Know and How to Read Them

1. Hong Kong Odds

This is one of the easiest odds you could read in an Asian Sports Book nowadays. They present how your initial stake and potential profit affect each other. It has originated in Hong Kong, and gain wagers from Soccer and Horse Racing sports.


Team Z is to beat Team A in the game football. The Hong Kong odds are .4.

The payout stake will be multiplied with the Hong Kong odds. For example, if you bet on Team Z with like $200, the computation will be:  200x (1+.4) =$80

Profit: The $80 will be your profit.

For every $200 you will bet, you will win $80. If your team loses, your $200 will be claimed automatically by 188bet.

2. Indonesian Odds

They are similar with American Odds, but their odds are divided by 100. For example, the positive numbers of +45 will then be expressed in 1.14 in Indo odds. -45 in this format simply show how much money you should risk in order to win one unit.  Indonesian style odds, even money are usually illustrated as 1.00. Note that the big difference in this Indonesian Odds is the + and signs

A positive sign (+) means you are risking more than one unit to win one unit, and how much profit you will win on one (1) unit stake. While for a negative sign (-), you are risking one unit to win more than one unit, and only shows how much do you need to stake to make a profit of one (1) unit.


Team Z VS Team A. Team Z is represented with Indonesian odds of -1.55. This means that you would make a profit of 1.55 units for everyone (1) unit staked. If you bet $100 on Indo Odds of 1.55, you will gain a return of $255 made by the profit of .55 and the $100 original stake.

3. American Odds

These are also known to be called as “money line odds” or “lines”. But the difference with the Indonesia Odds is that every odds are represented and illustrated as 100 instead of Indo’s 1.00.

Like 200, instead of Indo’s 2.00. 300, instead of Indo’s 3.00. 400, instead of 4.00.

In American Odds, positive numbers determine how much a stake bet of 100$ will win, while negative ones will determine how much you need to stake to win the $100.


If the odds given in a team are +200, betting a $100 stake will give you a $200 winning, added with the original stake of $100.

If the odds are in -200, you need to stake $200 to win $300 added to your initial stake of $100.

4. Decimal Odds

Over the years, decimal odds have been the standard odd format bookmakers around the globe had been using. Decimal odds are represented with only two decimal places in each odd.

Formula: Stake (Your Bet) x Odd: Payout


Team Z is to beat Team A in the game Football. The decimal odds are 2.45.

If you bet a $100 on the odds of 2.45 and it wins you will get a return of 245. This is simply because another $100 had been added as your winning price to your original 100$ stake.

5. Malay Odds

This type of odds is oppositely expressed in the way American odds are presented. They are illustrated with either a positive or negative sign, in decimals.

Team Z is to beat Team A in a Football game. Team Z is the strongest, the one that is most favored to win. The given Malay Odds for this game is 0.4


if you bet on Team Z with a $200, you will multiply it to 1 (winning stake)+.4 (Malay Odd).

$200 x 1+.4: 2$80

It is similar to the Hong Kong Odds where you will win $80 for every $200 wagered on Team Z.

Reading Odds and Sports Betting on 188bet

One good thing about 188bet is when you open up their sports page; you can easily convert one of these odd formats to another—so it will be easier for you to convert and compute your winnings even if it’s in different figures and sports.

188bet also offers its players a mobile version to play at. What are you waiting for? Try your luck with any of these sports odds at 188bet and bet on your favorite team at the site today!

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5 Sportsbook Odds to Use When Sports Betting Online
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