Arsenal’s Lacazette Gains Victory Wounds  

After a victorious win against Stoke City, Arsenal’s forward Alexander Lacazette gets a knee injury in his triumphant comeback with a 3-0 win. The 26-year-old football player was not just injured; he also received an 89-minute penalty. Aside from that, it was also Lacazette’s first appearance for Premier League since their loss against Tottenham last February in the North London derby and his 6-month absence.

Lacazette went out of his way to post a picture of his scratch on Instagram to commemorate a great comeback win. The picture showing a fresh wound on his wound was accompanied with a caption saying “Welcome back Laca”. After strike-partner Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang led the Gunners to the lead, Lacazette made his big goal which was actually Arsenal’s second penalty throughout the whole game.

“Laca is back and I know I scored twice so I can let him shoot, it’s good for his confidence.” Aubameyang did admit that he could’ve taken the penalty for himself, but later on exposed that he gave Lacazette the penalty to up his ego and gain a little confidence.

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Arsenal’s Lacazette Gains Victory Wounds  
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