Beating the Dealer to 21 with 5 Useful Tips  

Blackjack in a live casino is easy enough; the main objective is to get a hand closest to the number 21 before the dealer. The level of challenge starts to simmer down when online casinos host blackjack in their platform. This allows the players to play more conveniently via their mobile device or desktop. 188bet is one superb online game operator that hosts blackjack and multi-table tournaments.

Playing is the easy part; winning blackjack is the tricky part. When you have no control over the hand of cards you get, blackjack becomes 80% luck and 20% strategy. A huge part of playing in 188bet is maximizing your wins and that means making the most out of the 20% strategy you have in your control. Here are a few useful tips you can apply to your tactics when you play another round of blackjack.

4 Simple Tips to Remember When Playing Blackjack

1. When you get a pair of aces or 8, split them when you have the chance

The common notion in blackjack when you are dealt with two identical cards, you are given the option to separate them into two. This is usually a predictable move among players, but when you get two ace cards or two 8s, the best possible move is to split them into two.

When combined, the aces have a total of 12, but splitting them can give you 21 twice. This is considered the worst combination of cards possible because splitting them can give you twice the opportunity to get a total of 18.

2. Avoid splitting pairs of 10 or 6

It is important to remember that a pair of 10 would be equivalent to 20. This kind of hand holds a great deal of strength and winning capacity. Splitting the value would be a huge risk that may result in a bad hand. The worst possible hand could come from splitting a pair of six, so stay objective when you receive these kinds of pairs.

3. Never take insurance

This tip mainly applies to players who count cards. Counting cards aren’t technically illegal, but it is a strategy of winning that some players adapt discreetly. One possible advantage and disadvantage to leisure gamblers is that card counting is not doable when playing online blackjack. Looks like luck is all you have in your arsenal.

4. Allow the dealer to bust

When a dealer draws a car that ranges from 4 to 6, it is smarter to let them bust. Keep in mind that when you have a soft hand, where busting is impossible, picking an additional card is a way to pull yourself towards a better win in the next few rounds.

NOTE: Here are the probability percentages you can get from all possible hand values to use at your disposal for your next blackjack game.

Your hand + %

  • 21 – 100%
  • 20 – 92%
  • 19 – 85%
  • 18 – 77%
  • 17 – 69%
  • 16 – 62%
  • 15 – 58%
  • 14 – 46%
  • 13 – 46%
  • 13 – 39%
  • 13 – 31%
  • 11 – 0%

Blackjack your way into a big win, with a great hand

Blackjack is ultimately a simple game to understand and play, especially when you are just playing in the 188bet online casino. Applying all the basic rules and techniques will eventually pay off and even heighten your chances of winning against the dealer. Knowing the basics like the back of your hand can even lessen the dealer’s advantage to less than 1%.

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Beating the Dealer to 21 with 5 Useful Tips  
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