Chelsea Manager Defends His Team after Idiocy behind Anti-Semitic Chants from Fans  

Fans during the Watford-Chelsea match sparked some controversy for anti-Semitic chants during a song about Willian when they sang which held a racist slur. This is not the first issue related to the bigotry that the Chelsea club had to urgently deal.

There were also recent allegations of racist abuse at Manchester City‘s Raheem Sterling, which was repeated during a Europa League tie held in Hungary. At the beginning of December, Raheem Sterling was called out by a Chelsea fan at Stamford Bridge that was highly suggestive and directly racist. The fan yelled “f****** black c***” at Sterling.

The fan was later reported to have been arrested for the racist attack against Raheem Sterling. 29-year-old Karl Anderson will be spending 16 weeks in jail for the rude and violent behavior. It was said by the Guardian that Anderson has a long history of football-related violence.

Maurizio Sarri has been put under fire due to his club’s association with the issue. Sarri says “’First of all, I want to speak with my club,’ said manager Maurizio Sarri.’I didn’t hear anything. And I don’t want to generalize.” The 59-year-old Italian manager did not want to generalize the supporters of the club.

“For 99 percent of cases our fans are wonderful but in every community, there are some stupid people and altogether we have to fight against the stupid people – but not against the Chelsea fans.” He then commented on the stupid behavior of other fans who act like raging lunatics in a game due to the intensity the sport may bring, which people have to learn to separate on their own.

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Chelsea Manager Defends His Team after Idiocy behind Anti-Semitic Chants from Fans  
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