Daniel James Bought by Manchester United for £10m

Wales young football star Daniel James has been on the radar of superb clubs from the Premier League like Liverpool and Manchester United for quite some time now. The 21-year-old winger from Swansea has been nabbed by Ole Gunnar Solkskjaer’s club from Jurgen Klopp’s team with a yearlong contract with United worth an estimate of £10 million.

James is not aloof to his talent and is quite aware other clubs are showing interest in him. United has made sure to show their keen interest on the player admiring his versatility, lightning-quick attacks and proper execution on the right flank which are a major reason why they are eager to have the Swansea winger on their club.

The 21-year-old is highly regarded by several figures in the industry including Ryan Giggs, former United winger himself and Wales manager.

“He’s a talent. When you’ve got that raw pace, you’re a threat at any level so as a winger, obviously for me playing as a winger, when I was younger, you then have to develop the other parts of your game which I feel he is doing. He’s played up front as well which will help him because that gives you an appreciation of what you need to do.” Giggs shares with Daily Mail.

The name Daniel James rose to fame for his stunning solo goal in an FA Cup match against Brentford back in February. Despite the game being a tie, James was immediately put on the map for the rest of English football to take notice of him. In March, he showed up with his potential intact playing a match for Wales against Slovakia where he took home the victory.

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Daniel James Bought by Manchester United for £10m
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