Play Like a Pro: How To Play on Multiple Tables in Live Baccarat

Live Baccarat Multiple Table at M88 offers one thing the single table won’t: three possible winning payouts. It means you have more chance to win in triple table compared to the single one. The rules are the same as the single live one—you only need to know how to play in the game in three tables.

3 Steps on How to Play in Multiple Tables in M88 Baccarat

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STEP 1: Locate and Click Live Casino then Baccarat Multiple Table

STEP 2: Place Bets by Clicking and Dragging Chips to Any of the Three Tables then

1: Drag Chips to any table that you desire.

Note: Each table requires a certain min/max betting limit. In this Live Baccarat Multi-Tables, 25 chips are the minimum.

Another note: Each table has time to place bets. After the time has run out, no bets are allowed and will not be accepted.

2: Confirm bet before the time ran out. Ensure that you confirm your bet by clicking the check mark above the chips.

Note: You can bets on three tables all at once at the same time

STEP 3: Wait for the Dealer to Reveal the Cards

After all the bets have been placed, the result will be shown on the screen.

You place 30 chips on 1st table > Banker.

Result: Player 2 – Banker – 8: You Win.

Multiple Tables in Online Baccarat at M88

Playing on single tables might be exciting—but trying it on the triple table can be more fun and challenging. Not only that it can give you a higher payout, it will test your multi-tasking skills mostly playing live casino games like Baccarat. Winning money has never been easier at M88 today

Video tutorial on how to play in Multiple Tables in Baccarat online

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Play Like a Pro: How To Play on Multiple Tables in Live Baccarat
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