Football Betting Odds Simply Explained

1X2 Betting is one of the essential bets a player can wager when it comes to sports Football gambling. It pretty much resembles how the famous money line and handicap betting works – only with 3 possible results at the end of the game.

In this article, 188bet will give you the simplest way to understand this sportsbook 1X2 Betting.

The Simplest Way to Understand 1X2 Betting

What is 1X2 Betting?

This method of Football betting relies on balancing the score of chalk (crowd’s favorite) and the underdog (weak team. Unlike the handicap and the money line odds in sports book – this type of betting gives players a chance to win at any result of a game. A player can bet on the chalk, the underdog – and you can also bet on predicting the game will going to be a draw. 1X2 betting gives you three (3) possible outcome of a game.

How Does 1X2 Betting Works?

The 1 represents the home team win, the X represents the possible draw of a game, and the 2 represents the underdog’s win.

Its difference with the money line or handicap betting is that it didn’t even out the difference between the quality and the winning possibility of two teams involved. You have a chance of winning whether neither of the team you bet on loses or win, or the game results in a draw. They create true odds in the reflection of the possible score outcomes of a game.


Team Michigan is the chalk (strong team). Team Michigan represents the 1 in the formula

Team Nikon is the underdog (weak team). Team Nikon represents the 2 in the formula

The X represents the possible draw score in the game.

Michigan Win

If you want to bet on Michigan winning, you need to bet on 1 with odds of 1.50. Supposed to say you’re placing a 100$ bet on Michigan. You just need to multiply the bet with the odds

100 x 1.50 = 150$. You’ll get a 150$ payout if team Michigan win.

Draw Win

If you want to think the game is going to be a draw, you need to bet on the 4.50 – Draw odds. If you are placing a 100$ with the draw odds of 4.50, your payout win will be 450$ if the game is a draw.

Nikon Win

If you want to bet on the underdogs, Nikon –with the odds of 7.50, the same method will be applied. You need to bet on number 2 – 7.50 odds and win a 750$ with the 100$ bet.

Or if you’re feeling lucky – you can bet on both three options all at the same time.

Football Betting in 188bet Sports

1X2 Football betting can be considered the simplest form of betting to understand when placing bets in the world of sports gambling. With enough knowledge of this kind of betting you’ll find a way to figure out how to create the best payout from 3 results of a game – win, draw or lose on the team you prefer. Access all this sports betting fun from your mobile device once you download the 188bet sports app.

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Football Betting Odds Simply Explained
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