How To Deposit Money at M88 in Less Than 5 Minutes

M88 offers many amazing games on their site, whether it’d be Casino, Keno, Sports Book and Poker. In order to play any of these exciting games and win them multiple times, you need to deposit money to your account.

Deposit to your M88 account in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1: Log In To Your M88 Account and Locate Deposit-Transfer-Withdrawal

Register for an M88 account:   Link 1   –   Link 2   –    Link 3

The site will then lead you to your M88 account.  You will find your deposit options and current balance on the MY CASHIER.

Step 2: Deposit Through An Online Account

M88 lets online deposit through:

  • V-Pay (Online)
  • Quick Transfer- (ATM and Internet Banking)
  • Help2Pay – (Online)

  1. Pick your online account  in which you will get your money.
  2. Fill in your desired amount
  3. Choose which bank you have an account
  4. Submit.

The screen will then show if you have successfully linked your online account to your bank account. The money transferred will reflect on your account’s balance.

Step 3: Deposit Through M88’s Bank Account Number.

For local bank deposit, M88 accepts deposits through:

  • May bank
  • Public Bank
  • Hong Leong Bank
  • CIMB Bank

Chat a customer representative agent. In doing so, they will ask you to provide three (3) important things:

  • Username
  • E-mail address
  • Bank Account Details (Bank, Account Number)

The agent will then verify your membership on the site. After that, a bank account number will be given to you through the live chat and you just need to deposit to that account.

After depositing, you need to submit adeposit form so they can check and verify your deposit. To submit such forms, you have to click on UPLOAD on the MY CASHIER page.

You will again connect with them through the chat box, and informed them that you had already deposited with the account number they have given. They will then check the slips or document processing of deposit verification usually takes around 15 minutes time. After that, your deposit will then be reflected in your M88 balance.

Quick, Easy, Fast. Deposit Today at M88!

Depositing has never been easy. You just need to get in touch more often with M88s assisting customer service and abide by the site’s requirements to fully seize your gaming online casino experience upon depositing. Deposit anywhere, anytime with M88 Mobile

How To Deposit Money at M88 in Less Than 5 Minutes
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