Play like a Pro: Learn How To Play and Win at French Roulette

Roulette is a casino game that tests your luck and skills with number randomness and odds. Each bet placed on different divisions determines the payouts one is going to get once the ball stops at matched numbers and colors. The game has three main variations which are American, European and French Roulette. In this M88 article, you’re going to learn how to play French Roulette and how to win at it with only 2 clicks on your mouse.

Play French Roulette in only three (3) steps:


Click the number of chips you want to bet and place it on any division that you wish.

The French Roulette table is similar to two other variations of the game, and at it is simpler to read at first look.The table illustrated goes as follows:

A: 1-13 numbers

B: 13 to 24 numbers

C: Odd numbers

D: Red Colored Numbers

E: 25 to 36 numbers

F: 19 TO 36 numbers

G: Even numbers

H: Black Colored Numbers

I: Zero

Each of these numbers gives certain payouts once the ball stopped at them after spinning. You can check it at the game’s Payout.


Aside from spinning the ball, you can have certain actions with your bets like:

1: Click SPIN to spin the Roulette

2: Click CLEAR if you want to clear your bets

3: Click UNDO if you want to remove the last bet you made.

After spinning, the roulette will roll a ball.


You know you win at Roulette when:

The ball stops at the same number/s, odds or even, red or black the same as the numbers/s and colors you place your bets on – you will be paid 1:1.

Example (As Illustrated): The ball stopped at 30: RED. You place 25 chips on RED.  Red pays 1:1. Your total payout win is 50 (25 original bet + 25 payout = 50)

Online Roulette at M88

Learning Roulette payouts and odds and even the whole game itself isn’t as complicated as applied mathematics. But with applied strategy and number skills, you can make some extra money playing this cool spinning game.

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Play like a Pro: Learn How To Play and Win at French Roulette
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