How To Transfer Your Funds At M88 in Only 3 Minutes

Creating an account and depositing is just a few minutes away from finally playing officially at M88’s site. But in order to make full use of that money and at the same time to keep your account active, a player must know how to transfer their money to any site games that they’d like.

Transfer your funds at M88 in 3 Easy Steps

STEP 1: Log in to your M88 Account and Locate Deposit/Withdrawal/Transfer

Register at M88:  Link 1  –   Link 2   –   Link 3

STEP 2: Locate and Click Transfer on My Cashier

STEP 3: Fill Up the Transfer Form and Submit

Choose the MAIN WALLET under Transfer in the Menu bar. This will be collected from your main wallet, the one you deposited with in the Account Number, which the customer service will provide you with upon depositing.

Note: This only applies if you originally made your deposit via funds transfer, online banking or in a nearby local bank.

  1. Choose from where you’d like to get the money
  2. Choose where to allocate the funds
  3. Fill in your desired amount
  4. Click Submit.
  5. This transfer request will undergo a process. The screen will show if your transfer has been successful or not. If not, you can always chat with the site’s live service chat box for more concerns and inquiries regarding updates on your transferring transaction.

Easy Money Transfer to Your Favorite M88 Game

Just follow these steps for transferring funds to ideal games at M88. Don’t forget to just connect with the site’s active 24/7 chat line with more information about your casino experience. Happy gaming!

Play games anywhere at any time you want with the mobile version of M88

Video tutorial on how to transfer funds from your M88 Main Wallet to your games of choice

How To Transfer Your Funds At M88 in Only 3 Minutes
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