2 Teams, 1 Final Score: What is the Total Bet?

Once you join the exciting world of Sports betting and gambling, you are in for a lot of betting options that gives you many chances of earning some money at Sports. Total or Game’s Total is one of these betting options available almost at any sportsbook sites like 188bet, and knowing how they work isn’t at all hard to understand.

How Does the Total Bet Work?

What is a Total Bet?

Total Bet is a bet that covers a predicated sum score of two teams in a certain game.  It’s one of the most popular betting choices in sports book simply because of its simple context and easy to understand the rule. Unlike Handicap and Point Spread Bet, this type of wager only requires you to bet on how low or how high the combined score could be in one full-length game. It doesn’t look over to who is the underdog or who is the strong team in the game.

How Does It Work?

Total Bet is divided into two categories: The Over/Under Bets. Usually, oddsmaker creates a point for each category. It’s up to you, the player who will then decide whether you want to stick with the Under Score or Over Score. Like the betting option itself, understanding these two categories is no hassle.

Over means that you are betting for a game’s score to be over the predicted score presented in your Sportsbook. Under means that you are betting for a game’s score to be lower than the predicted score presented. It’s as simple as this: you either bet on Under or Over and if two team’s combined score goes Under or Over – you’d win back your wager, on which totals you bet on.

How to Read Totals Bet

Here’s a simpler example of how to read Over and Under Bet:


The Over is presented in OV, while the Under is presented in UN.

If you think both Team A and B are going to score higher then 88, place a wager on Over.

If you think both Team A and B are not going to make a total score of 88, bet on Under.


2 Basic Strategies for Betting On Total

As mentioned earlier, Total Bet didn’t look over to who is a strong or weak team. It focuses on the combined score of two teams after a game.

So the basic strategies for wagering on Total Bet are:

1. Stay updated on each team’s latest league score. This will help you figure out if a team is capable of garnering score higher or lower, hence helps you decide whether to bet on them on an Over and Under bets.

2. If you’re going to watch a game, better watch it all throughout the end. This will enable you to raise any concern and calculate your winnings at the end of each game. Total Bet isn’t created for ghost sports watcher who only watches when the final laps of the game are on—it obliges you to watch how much score both teams could garner in an overall count.

Total Bets and Side Payouts

Understanding Total Bet aren’t as hard as your applied mathematics—so if you like to support both teams without leaving one or other behind, Total Bet gives you chance to, all the while enabling you to win on a side payout.

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2 Teams, 1 Final Score: What is the Total Bet?
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