Lionel Messi Affronted by United Fans While Suffering a Nose Bleed

Barcelona takes a victory lap for a 1-0 final against Manchester United on Wednesday night. The win did not come easy for Ernesto Valverde’s team, with one of his star players being taunted by fans and getting a nosebleed behind the victory. Lionel Messi reportedly suffered a nose bleed after Chris Smalling flailed his arm and hit the 31-year-old on the nose.

As if a nosebleed wasn’t enough, fans on the United side added literal insult to injury and taunted Messi with supporters chanting his arch rival’s name, “Viva Ronaldo” as he walked off the pitch. The Barcelona star landed face-first on the floor before revealing his bloody nose injury, which eventually halted the game. Barcelona’s medical assistance came rushing to help stop the bleed, but later discovered the cut on the bridge of his nose and eyelid.

Despite the scene, Barcelona still managed to prove they’re a class A team with Diogo Dalot scoring for United as he miscued his header wide of the goal. On the 16th of April, the second leg will commence between United and Barcelona once again. The winner of the quarter-final will end up going head to head against the victor between Liverpool and Porto.

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Lionel Messi Affronted by United Fans While Suffering a Nose Bleed
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