Lionel Messi’s Argentina Officially Eliminated from the World Cup  

Lionel Messi has not been successful at his eighth attempt to move forward and win the World Cup. It’s not unknown to many that the 31-year-old has a lifelong dream of winning the World Cup for his country Argentina. This translates to the possibility of Messi never attaining football’s most prestigious award.  Argentina left the World Cup with a 4-3 defeat against France.

Throughout the group stages of the cup, players of Argentina, as well as Messi himself have shown quite a mediocre performance. Displaying questionable execution, while failing to convince people they were going to make it past the semis. France’s Kylian Mbappe was basically responsible for Messi’s dream ending, scoring a fantastic brace sending France home with a victory to remember.

The possibility of playing in another World Cup is quite slim for the Barcelona player. Two assists in four games were apparently not enough to win the knockout game. With uncertainty around Messi’s future with Argentina, Javier Mascherano then revealed his plans of retiring from the national team. The 34-year-old midfielder made 146 appearances throughout the World Cup group stages.

The whole world was greatly affected by Messi and Argentina’s loss against France where fans expressed their support for the team captain via social media. Twitter blew up with thankful and supportive messages addressing Messi on his dedicated heroics and commitment to Argentina. Fans also expressed thoughts stating how winning a World Cup doesn’t fall short from the legacy the Barcelona star has created throughout his career.

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Lionel Messi’s Argentina Officially Eliminated from the World Cup  
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