Play and Win at M88 Live Sic Bo With This Easy To Follow Tutorial

Sic Bo is a casino game that let players win by correctly predicting the total sum out of the game’s three dices. It’s a fast-paced casino game that involves several number ranges and combination that makes it quite similar to Keno.

M88 offers an HD online platform of the tables in which you can always access online. Here’s how you can easily play Live Casino Sic Bo at M88.

3 Simple Steps to Play Live Sic Bo at M88

STEP 1:  Locate Live Casino > Club M88 > Play Now.

Register an M88 Account:  Link 1  –   Link 2   –   Link 3

STEP 2: Click Sic Bo & Roulette then choose your preferred betting limit BO-LIVE-M88-2.png

STEP 3: Place Bet/Chips > Confirm Bet BO-LIVE-M88-3.png

1: Choose which chips to bet (0.25-5,000).

2: Drag it/them to any numbers or combinations you like at the table.

3: Confirm your bet/s.

How to Win

Three dices will be rolled. The result of each dice will be summed up together. The total number will determine if your bet numbers had been correctly hit or not.

Winning Example: BO-LIVE-M88-4.png

You place 50 chips on the SMALL. Three dices were rolled.

The results of each dice are: 1, 1 and 4 = 6

6 belongs to SMALL (1-10)

You WIN 50 chips.

Online Sicbo at M88

Playing Sic Bo can be a fun-filled experience at M88. With enough practice and strategy, you can win several chips in no time. Deposit now and locate M88’s live casino to start playing this famous dice game! Withdraw all your winnings once you get the hang of Sicbo at M88.

>> Video tutorial on how to play live sic bo at M88

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Play and Win at M88 Live Sic Bo With This Easy To Follow Tutorial
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