Play like a Pro: How To Play Live Roulette at M88

Roulette is one of M88’s multiple Live Casino games that have a goal of winning through predicting the number or color the ball will stop to. Like similar games like Sic Bo and Keno, Roulette determines any player’s luck and skill with numbers, as well as a self-intuitive strategy to beat the odds in the game.

3 Simple Steps To Play Live Roulette At M88:

STEP 1: Locate/click Live Casino > M88 Club > Play Now

STEP 2: Choose your Roulette Table with your preferred Max – Min Betting Limit

STEP 3: Place Bets On The Table And Confirm

As numbered:

1. Choose your chips to be bet

2. Drag the chips and place it on your preferred number/s on the table.

3. Confirm bet/s.

How To Win

After placing your bet/s, the Live Girl will roll the Roulette. Once it stops, the white ball will fall on a specific number. This will determine if it’s Odd or Even, Black or Red, or belongs to a specific number and range as illustrated on the table. You will be paid 1:1 with every correct number outcome the ball will represent.

Winning Example:

The ball stopped at 13 – Black — Odd.

As illustrated, you bet on ODD with 10 chips.

In return, you win 10 chips on ODD.

The convenience of online roulette

Playing Roulette online is a lot cooler – most especially if you choose to do it with a legit, trustworthy and assisting site like M88. Deposit now at M88 and transfer your funds to Live Casino to start playing this awesome Roulette game!

>  Video tutorial on how to play live roulette online at M88

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Play like a Pro: How To Play Live Roulette at M88
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