How To Play Live Keno at M88 The Easiest Way

Keno is a popular Lottery-kindred game that tests anyone’s pure luck with numbers. At M88, 20 numbers from the game’s 80 standard Keno numbers are going to determine your winning, depending on the bets you had placed with. Just like Sic Bo. Keno table is divided into several betting fields, allowing you to place more bets and win.

M88 offers a great online live Keno game that features several actual Keno Draw Results from different parts of the world. If you want to learn how to play it on the site, just follow these simple 3 steps:

3 Easy Steps To Play LIve Keno At M88:

STEP 1: Locate/Click Keno & Lottery

Register for an M88 Account:  Link 1  –   Link 2   –   Link 3

STEP 2: Choose Your Betting Limits and Place Bets

Each bet types provides a minimum and maximum betting limit. To start the game, you need to pick which betting range you are comfortable playing with.

To place your bets, follow the instruction below:

1: Pick Your Country/Table.

2:  Click on Your Desired Bet.

  • Big
  • Small
  • Odd
  • Even
  • Big/Odd
  • Small/Odd
  • Big/Even
  • Small/Even
  • Gold
  • Wood
  • Water
  • Fire
  • Earth

3: Click Bet.

4: Read the odds and the possible payout, then Confirm Bet.

Note: You can place any bets on any table and any bet type — only make sure that is is open for accepting bets.

A successful message will appear on the screen. After this, wait for the table to finish its time limit, and it will draw 20 random numbers shortly.

STEP 3: How To Know If You Win Or Lose

The Keno Table will show 20 random numbers after the betting time limit is over.  These 20 numbers will be summed once completed, and if ever the total sum falls to any required number of the bet types – you’ll determine if you lose or you win.

Example: You bet on Beijing > BIG with 20 chips.  The Total Sum of 20 numbers results to 0776. The BIG bet type covers numbers ranging from 811-1440, and the 0776 is lower than it. Therefore, you lose your 20 chips.

Online Keno at M88

Playing Live Casino Keno isn’t at all confusing – just follow these easy 3 step tutorial. M88 offers anyone an exquisite Keno gameplay that is just simple, hassle-free – and easy to understand. deposit M88 to get money when you win

> Video tutorial on how to play live Keno below

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How To Play Live Keno at M88 The Easiest Way
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