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Football Betting Odds Simply Explained 1X2 Betting is one of the essential bets a player can wager when it comes to sports Football gambling. It pretty much resembles how the famous money line and handicap betting works – only with 3 possible results at the end of the game. In this article, 188bet will give you the simplest way to […] Continue reading →

Underdog VS Chalk: Which One Should You Bet On?

In football Sports betting, gamblers are torn between two essential sides in a game—the Underdog and the Chalk. The underdog is also known as the weaker team, while the chalk stands as the crowd’s favorite. Without these two, odds are just numbers, and the whole gambling industry won’t even be what it is today. They hold […] Continue reading →

15 Sportsbook Terms Beginners Should Know

Whether you’re newly identified as a gambler or just planning to enter the exciting world of sports betting, sportsbook has a lot of terms for you to know. Once you begin wagering on your favorite team or player, you would need to familiarize yourself with terms a real sports enthusiast should know. To get a […] Continue reading →