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10 Memes that Describe Millennial Culture

There are many unfiltered opinions when people talk about millennials. Negative stereotypes of being lazy and complaining a lot are just some biased sentiments. Suffice it to say, many booming businesses in this ever-changing world is made into a better and more convenient way of living because of millennials. Some of which include, social media […] Continue reading →

15 Celebrities and their Stunt Doubles in Action  

Action movies and TV shows are exciting to watch because of all the stunts. Actors and celebrities who star in those movies and shows are all about providing entertainment for the viewers while providing a cinematic experience. A movie can only be so good with proper visual effects and music score, but with outstanding stunt coordination, a […] Continue reading →

12 Memes that Describe the Perils of Parenting

Parenting is a tough job that many people eventually have to experience when they have children. There are many responsibilities that come with parenting aside from taking care of kids. There is also that difficult principle of parenting which is disciplining kids and having to play bad cop when they are being spoiled or chaotic. […] Continue reading →

10 of the Most Terrible Hair Extensions Ever Worn

Having a hairdo isn’t bad and getting hair extensions is okay. What is not okay is not having it tastefully done. Hair extensions are tricky to pull off because they don’t always blend well with your natural hair color. This happens to blondes, brunettes and black haired girls who tend to overdo the extensions when […] Continue reading →

Top 11 Relatable Memes on Growing Old

Getting old is inevitable and accepting this reality can often be hard for several people. Aging gracefully is what many people aspire to do but not all the time. Growing old and getting into our sixties can be tricky because of so many things you suddenly can’t do. There are also other things that we […] Continue reading →

10 Memes on What Being Constantly Late is like

Sleeping in on weekdays is probably everyone’s a guilty pleasure, especially for people who are constantly late. Tardiness in everyday activities and events like at work or school is often frowned upon. In school, attendance is crucial to get a good grade while at work; tardiness can affect your salary. The following are relatable memes […] Continue reading →