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How To Read M88’s I-Lotto Table and Rules Playing lottery at M88 can be easier if you know how to read the site’s i-Lotto game table. Basically, M88 implements multiple bet types, which provides specific rules and specific payouts—which only makes it confusing as it looks like, especially for new players. M88 has got your back, regarding all things concerning reading tables and […] Continue reading →

How To Place Bets on I-Lotto at M88 At M88, you can find multiple lotto draw table that shows actual results from different Asian lottery centers, right on your computer screen! How To Place i-Lotto Bets In 3 Easy Steps: STEP 1: Locate Keno & Lottery > i-Lotto > Play Now Register an Account at M88:   Link 1   –   Link 2 […] Continue reading →

How To Play Live Keno at M88 The Easiest Way Keno is a popular Lottery-kindred game that tests anyone’s pure luck with numbers. At M88, 20 numbers from the game’s 80 standard Keno numbers are going to determine your winning, depending on the bets you had placed with. Just like Sic Bo. Keno table is divided into several betting fields, allowing you to place more […] Continue reading →