Tan Cheng Hoe Admits Malaysia’s Efforts Wasn’t Enough for Suzuki Cup Final Win

It’s no surprise by now that Vietnam took the Suzuki Cup Final leg by a storm. This left Malaysia in a loss with Coach Tan Cheng Hoe rightfully admitting the Harimau Malaya did not deliver the result they all initially wanted. Since the beginning of the tournament, Malaysia was seen as the team who was least likely to make the finals, much to win the cup.

It was in the last few matches of the cup that Tan Cheng Hoe was able to portray to the world the kind of team he was leading. Many fans and supporters were impressed, bringing not only superior talent to the finals but also tenacity and luck. The former Kedah FA coach definitely brought the team to a thorough transformation process; from their playing style, execution to their team dynamic.

In spite of the 1-0 loss against Suzuki Cup champ Vietnam, Malaysia was hailed the most exciting team to watch in this year’s cup. It was very much evident that there was a disparity between Vietnam and Malaysia’s performance.

During the press conference after the final match, the coach shared in a statement: “Today, my players did their best on the field. But it wasn’t enough to win us the AFF Suzuki Cup. “We lost because of individual mistakes that allowed Vietnam to score a goal; however, I am happy with the team’s performance throughout the tournament.”

Tan Cheng Hoe is grateful for the experience of coaching the Malaysian national team and believes that there are a lot of positive takeaways from the tournament itself that his boys have learned from.

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Tan Cheng Hoe Admits Malaysia’s Efforts Wasn’t Enough for Suzuki Cup Final Win
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