Underdog VS Chalk: Which One Should You Bet On?

In football Sports betting, gamblers are torn between two essential sides in a game—the Underdog and the Chalk. The underdog is also known as the weaker team, while the chalk stands as the crowd’s favorite. Without these two, odds are just numbers, and the whole gambling industry won’t even be what it is today.

They hold every possibility of a game’s outcome; who would win or lose. Chalks are favored simply because they can give you a higher chance of them winning, but also gives a higher risk of losing money. Betting on the underdog gives you a lower risk of losing, but also lower payouts. In this 188bet article, you’ll get to know which team is worthy of your money and time.

Underdogs vs. The Chalks

The Underdogs


They are the reason why handicap betting exists—and most Sports experts believe that handicapping underdogs is the key to success in Sports gambling. Handicapping underdogs helps to even the overall game’s score, so when they win—you’re in for a higher payout if they can change the game’s course.


Betting on them is risky. Of course, chalks are favored to win, and most of the time oddsmaker at sportsbooks tend to intimidate bettors with the odds favoring the chalk rather than the underdogs. If you want to have a sure payout, then you’d better stick with the chalks. Underdogs don’t give you a sure win on a Football game’s score. The chances of losing your money are high, and gaining is considered to be rare occurrences.

The Chalks


If you bet on them, you’re 90% out of 10% sure that they are going to give you a winning game end. Plus, if you aren’t into Sports that much and doesn’t have an idea how the difference between the chalks and the underdog works, chalks gives you a first heads up on why to bet on them. You can easily recognize that they are favored by the oddsmaker and is sure to give you back the payout. Simply put, if you lack in motivation—betting on the chalk is your best wager by default.


When you bet on a favorite team, you need to win about 80 to 90% of the time to make a good profit, while on the underdogs you only need to win about 60-70% of the time and you’re in for a profitable payout.

The payouts are minimal, but their chances of winning are sure. The thing on betting with the favorite is the more likely they are considered a winner, the lower their odds and payout will be, and you don’t want to keep on betting on a strong team but offers weak payouts.

Choosing Your Team Wisely

Chalks are the surest way to win you payouts, as they provide more certainty in a game—but underdogs give you better amount payout when they win compared to the chalks.

In order to master which team can best suit your betting preferences, you would also need to make researches, digest some recent information about such teams coming up on your sportsbook’s football games. In that way, you’d be able to determine which one is deserving of your stake and which one can give you sure winning payouts.

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Underdog VS Chalk: Which One Should You Bet On?
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